Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA)

We Are An African

Humanitarian & Development Organization

Our Work Supports Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Other Vulnerable Members of Society

Humanitarian Intiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA)

We are first responders, working to provided impartial assitance to those in need.


Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA) is an international African humanitarian and development organization that aims to positively contribute towards improving the living standards and conditions of those adversely affected by disasters and conflict in the Horn and East Africa.

Our Purpose

Our Vision

The end of human suffering in East and the Horn of Africa and the creation of an environment where people live in self-reliance, prosperity, and assured sustainable livelihood pursuits.

Our Mission

Rapid response to humanitarian crises through the provision of safe and clean water, the creation of healthy living conditions, earning opportunities and the bolstering of food security for the benefit of the poor and vulnerable.

Where We Work


HIJRA has been operating in Kenya since 2009, with Nairobi being the international headquarter of the organization. Since 2010, HIJRA has been providing direct material assistance to urban refugee children in schools located in poor settlements (school uniforms, writing materials, and tuition fees and feeding programme contributions). The children also received indirect assistance inform of desk which were donated to select schools in which they were enrolled. Besides, HIJRA has been implementing an integrated psychosocial component into its current programming in order to address identified gaps in psychosocial support for urban refugee children. HIJRA works in close partnership with parents, management committees, communities , parents to programme activities that benefit poor disadvantaged children


HIJRA was initially established in Somalia, where a devastating humanitarian crisis emerged after the collapse of the Somali state in 1991. This prompted a group of like – minded professionals to come together to form the organization in response to the glaring humanitarian needs. In subsequent years, HIJRA expanded its humanitarian operations in Kenya and Uganda working to provide impartial assistance to those in need. We work to ensure the safety of our beneficiaries and staff by adhering to a strict policy of transparency, neutrality, and accountability. HIJRA continues to partner and collaborate with targeted communities through their leadership structures with the aim of facilitating ownership of the programme. This partnership along with the implementation of HIJRA internal security plans and procedures not only ensure the safety and security of staff and community members but also that of Projects in Somalia as a whole.


Since 2012, HIJRA has been responding to the refugee situation in Southwestern region and extended its operations to the mid-west in response to the 2018 influx from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our initial interventions were in the WASH sector at Matanda Transit Center in 2012.In 2013, HIJRA expanded its services to the management of Nyakabande and Bubukwanga Transit Centers and also commenced programming as the lead protection partner in Oruchinga Refugee Settlement. In 2014, HIJRA supported the Spontaneous Return of Congolese refugees through provision of WASH interventions and hot meals in Kinyaara, Muhokya and Ishasha way stations.
Over the years, HIJRA assisted by partners (UNHCR,OXFAM and ECHO) has carried out interventions that have improved Sanitation, Hygiene, and environment in Nakivale, Oruchinga and Kyangwali refugee settlements. In partnership with UNICEF HIJRA has implemented projects that have strengthened district capacity for child protection and improved Psycho-social protection in Ebola outbreak districts of west Nile and Southwest Uganda. Additionally, in partnership with Aljsir Foundation, HIJRA has undertaken school infrastructural projects. HIJRA also constructed a road in Kyangwali as the settlement grappled with an influx of refugees from the DRC.

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