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Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning

Our monitoring, evaluation, and learning programming focuses on strengthening self and partner eciency, accountability evidence-based reporting of outputs, outcomes, impact, and lessons learned through Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessments, Surveys and Analytical Research reports. Since 2019, HIJRA has been conducting Mid-Year and End-Year Third-Party Monitor-
ing(TPM) of UNHCR-funded projects in Somalia, which are implemented by INGOs NGOs, and Government Agencies in South Central, Puntland, and Somaliland) and submit reports to the UNHCR. Hijra also undertakes Post-distribution monitoring (PDM) of cash-based interventions(CBIs) and distribution of Non-food items (NFIs) made directly by the UNHCR to persons of concern in Somalia(IDPs, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Returnees) and submits reports to the UNHCR. Additionally, at the end of each year, HJRA conducts a Results Monitoring Survey(RMS) and submits a report to the UNHCR documenting programme outcomes and impact and lessons against the UNHCR’s multi-year strategies evidence-based reporting. Our MEAL strategy is buttressed on a mixed methods approach implemented by a highly trained team. We conduct a desk review of the programme documents(project proposal, results framework, and progress reports of the implementation process); Face-to-face interviews with a scientifically selected sample of beneficiaries using a structured
questionnaire, administered by trained enumerators; Key informant interviews(KII) with project focal persons, community leaders, and Government officials; Focus Group Discussions(FGDs) with a knowledgeable sample of beneficiaries using a focus group guide; on-site visits/observation Photovoice. We undertake systematic random sampling with replacement to accord each beneficiary an equal opportunity of being interviewed and triangulate primary data with secondary data to ensure the validity of the results. Leveraging Technology in Data Collection and Analysis, we deploy Kobo Collect – a mobile Smartphone-based technology to collect quantitative data, a sample size calculator to determine sample sizes from large populations, and the research randomizer to identify the specific person to be interviewed from a master list of beneficiaries to avoid bias. We analyze data using Excel, IBM-SPSS, and analytics.

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