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Making A Difference In Nshungyezi Village - Uganda (2)

Latrine (2)MZEE Ndibuzura Franscisco is an 84 years Burundian elderly refugees residing in Nshungyezi Village. He came in Uganda in 2011 with a nine year old grandchild Named Mahungu. Upon reaching Oruchinga refugees camp, he received a package of Non- food items from UNHCR which included Plastic sheeting that the community members used to construct a bus shaped shelter locally known as “Ikibasi” through a community participation approach.


HIJRA Empowers Women In Oruchinga Refugee Settlement (2)

A 001Globally, at least one in three women and girls will experience physical abuse in their life time and such violence is associated with a wide range of health problems, physical disability, psychological problems among others. The above outcry is not different with Oruchinga refugee settlement in Uganda where women are exposed to different kinds of violence such as physical assault, denial of resources, marital rape due to ignorance, poverty, cultural backgrounds and fear of men to lose the patriarchy privileges.




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