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Emergency Livelihoods Famine Responce



In order to respond to the famine, in the month of September, HIJRA successfully selected 9,435 vulnerable households in six districts of Mogadishu; Wadajir, Dharkenley, Hodan, Waberi, Xamarjajab, Boondheere for its join Livelihoods distribution program.

The Cash Relief program is designed to provide the most vulnerable mothers, children and elderly with funds to ensure they can purchase essential food staples (rice, oil, sugar and soap). The distribution will take place for 3 months and consist of 75 USD cash bundles to be collected by the beneficiaries at designated points remittance points

The method of intervention was chosen based on market analysis done both pre/post famine and on pervious implementation successes.

HIJRA is further working with partner OXFAM GB to extend its Cash Relief program to an addition 3113 Households in the month of November.

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