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HIJRAs Call for Immediate Action in Somalia

In July to respond to the crisis on the ground in Somalia the HIJRA team released a statement to call all actors to actions

“On the ground we are witnessing the most powerful crisis in Somalia since the famine of 1992.” HIJRA Office in Charge Daud Rahoy

In Mogadishu our teams have reported an influx of 250 drought displaced Households per day with the TFG estimating another 9,750 HHs from last month.  In Lower Shabelle, the Aalas-Yassir IDP camp is reported to be hosting 2000 HHs, with numbers from Bay and Bakool increasing daily.

In Lower Shabelle the situation of starvation has reached a critical point. The effects of rising food cost and the massive influx of poverty stricken IDPs has force the community to adopt a pre-paid dining approach to prevent those starving to death from eating and leaving without payment.  In one such instance an IDP was quoted as saying “We have been driven to a decision between life or law breaking.  If you must arrest me, I have no money and I am starving.”

As the conditions worsen and the influx continues, inadequacies in IDP camp capacities and city infrastructure have begun to reveal a new threat to Somali’s in the South.  The overcrowding and cramped conditions of current camps has begun to force new arrivals to seek shelter in the streets and abandoned buildings, leaving the already vulnerable and malnourished victims of exposure.  In the past week, IDPs have begun to report high mortalities rates due to their inability to access adequate shelter and hygiene issues due to the lack of latrines.  From patterns observed in the past, we worry, that the spreading of IDPs into nonspecific locations will result in an inability to access the most vulnerable further propagating a situation primed for outbreaks of AWD, cholera and malaria. 

“The city and camps are overwhelmed.  I am indeed worried at the magnitude of the situation.  We are witnessing the loss of life at an alarming rate.  Today women and children are dying as they wait assistance.  There can be no more hesitation in scaling up interventions.  It is our responsibility as humanitarians to assist people in need and today Somalia is the epicenter of those in need!  We are calling for intensified efforts from all actors on the ground to save lives today. ” Mohamed Dahir, HIJRA Director

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