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Child Protection Ambassadors Take Great Strides in Child Education.


Children by virtue of their age are a vulnerable group to which great attention must be paid. Where children are less fortunate to become refugees, they face a double dilemma that requires much more support to enable them thrive. Many refugee children are traumatized by the events that result in flight from their countries of origin and require support to enjoy a normal childhood.

HIJRA Uganda implements Child Protection as one of its core Protection Subsectors in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. To protect children’s rights and enhance child participation, the organization utilizes the rights based approach creating awareness on child rights in the settlement for all stakeholders. On the other hand, it promotes child participation through focus group discussions, children’s parliament, debates and sports competitions with various categories of children to appreciate their views on the issues affecting them and how best they can be addressed.

There are several problems that affect refugee children in the settlement and their participation in several activities. These include poverty leaving many parents unable to provide basis needs for the children, cultural beliefs, child marriages, oblivious parents to children’s right to access education among other rights. Adult involvement is an essential in Child protection as such, HIJRA partners with Child Protection Committees in Nakivale Refugee Settlement that are a bridge between the organization and community. Members of these committees are fellow refugees within the settlement and they are the children’s ambassadors.

In conjunction with HIJRA, they educate communities on the importance of education, get children involved in all child activities, report child abuse cases and early marriages and also look out for any unaccompanied minors within the community who are living in bad conditions. Mentorship sessions for parents and provision of information on the laws of Uganda in connection with child rights and specifically education are key activities undertaken to protect refugee children.

“As a Child Protection Committee member, I know my duty is to ensure all children rights such as education are protected and promoted,” states Mariam (not real name) a member of the committee in Rubondo village. “I know the value of education which I have incalculated in parents which has seen no child left out of school this term in my village.”

Research indicates various positive effects of parent involvement on children’s school activities when parents continuously support and encourage the children's learning and development. Family creation of a good environment that encourages learning and becoming involved in the child’s education at school and in the community is important. HIJRA will building on this continue to strengthen the Child Protection Committees and parents among other stakeholders to ensure refugees children protection guaranteed.

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