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A Most Valuable Work; Living with Dignity

DSC04822Shukurow is one of the Riverine villages north of Afgooye in Lower Shabelle. The small village, a farming community situated on the banks of the Shabelle River has no schools or medical facilities. Today, 95% of its inhabitants are forced to defecate in the open exposing the community to risks of communicable diseases, water borne illnesses and epidemic.

Shankaronm, a resident of the small village and mother of four, tells us of life before HIJRA began constructing latrines and distributing hygiene supplies.

I am 28 years old. This is the first time in my life I have had a latrine to use! Before it was too hard and degrading for me to go to bushes during the daytime.  At night, I was always afraid for my children and I to be out in the open. To protect ourselves we used bushes close to the shelter, this was very bad for our health.  I did not feel we lived with dignity then.” Shankaron laments.


“This project is the most valuable piece of work that I have taken part of during my time with HIJRA."  Osman Ebey – HIJRA assistant field officer in Afgooye.

“Since the construction of latrines, our beneficiaries’ knowledge and practice has changed tremendously! There is no more open defecation.  This makes me very proud of the work I do!  This makes a difference! Osman Adds

HIJRA, together with partner OXFAM, have been working since 2012 to construct latrines, distribute jerry-cans, soap-bars and sanitation kits to the small village.


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