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Worrying Trends – IDP burn injuries increase within the camps of Mogadishu

IMG 1008“Today we are seeing a marked increase in the amount of burn victims received in the clinic. In the last month alone, we received more than ten patients suffering from burn injuries with children accounting from more than half.” Mohamed Hersi, HIJRA Medical Coordinator

“We are too worried about the children in the camp; 90% of the burns to children come from the family cook fires. We are trying to make mothers in the camp more aware of the dangers in their kitchens and hope this helps to protect more children from being injured!" Abba Yusuf – HIJRA Badbaado Clinic qualified nurse

Hussein Bayaan, is one of our youngest patients to be treated for burns last month, he is 5 years old.IMG 0985

“I was trying to get a glass of water, when I fell into the fire. It hurts too much and now I cant play with my brothers and sisters.” Hussein Bayaan, HIJRA Badbaado MCH program beneficiary

“The same day he was burned we brought him to the clinic where they treated him immediately! They tell us we need to come back every day to have his burns cleaned." - Khadijo Mohamed, Hussein Bayaan’s Mother

"I am now very conscious of the fire in our shelter and warn the other women in the camp about the dangers they pose so their children will not suffer like mine." - Khadijo Mohamed

HIJRA has been providing emergency healthcare services in South Central Somalia since 2010.

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