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HIJRA works to distribute over 15,000 Jerry Cans

Resize of IMG 4459On May 16th, HIJRA WASH program officers worked to distribute over 15,000 jerry cans, bars of soaps and aqua-tabs to IDP communities in the Boondheere district of Mogadishu.

The district, known to have hosted some of the worst fighting in the war torn capital, has now become a ruined refuge for many of the recently displaced families from the Afgooye Corridor.

I use to fetch water from the camp's shallow well using leaky plastics we find around the shelters. They were very dirty and would spill half every trip. All of us here had to use old containers or plastics to collect and store what we could. Thanks to HIJRA, I can fetch water without spilling so I do not need to travel to the well every day. I am very grateful for this. We hope now they build for us water platforms and tanks like in other camps. - Medina Fidow

The NFI distribution has been ongoing since the start of May and will work to distribute over 25,000 jerry cans before the end of the month.  HIJRA is currently the only NGO distributing NFIs in the area.

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