Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA)

Reduce the prevalence of acute malnutrition among under five and reproductive women

The HIJRA nutrition programmes focus on basic lifesaving and building the resilience of targeted communities through promotion of integrated nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive behaviour. HIJRA  works to enhance equitable access to and utilization of quality, high impact mother  and child nutrition interventions aimed at reducing acute malnutrition and contributing to lowering of child mortality and morbidity rates.The HIJRA nutrition programming in Somalia seeks to ensure improved, integrated, and quality basic nutrition services for children and pregnant and lactating women including IDPs are available and effectively utilized and that there is improved knowledge of essential nutrition behaviour for the targeted communities.


This Multi-Sectoral, integrated approach is at the core of HIJRA nutrition programming  strategy. The interventions focus on basic life-saving activities and community resilience building activities within the target communities aimed at ensuring an interplay of multiple sectors (WASH, Health, and livelihood) in addressing malnutrition taking cognizance of the fact that sustainable solutions requires an integrated approach to undertaking the interventions. Recent HIJRA Nutrition interventions in Somalia have focused identifying cases of malnutrition through weekly surveillance and reporting of emerging trend, identifying cases of SAM and organising for their admission into OPT centers, and to a large extent screening under 5 children for malnutrition.