Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA)

Monitoring Evaluation, Research and Learning System (MERL)

Strengthen accountability and access to information for better programming

Our MERL activities are focused on strengthening self and partner accountability and access to information for effective programming. HIJRA  has been working with different donors, partners and implementing agencies to ensure accountability in programming for refugees and host communities. In the last three years, HIJRA has been providing monitoring services (Third Party Monitoring(TPM); Onsite distribution Monitoring(ODM); Post Distribution Monitoring(PDM) for UNHCR funded programmes in Somalia, being implemented by different agents including Government departments and Ministries in  South central Somalia, Somali land, and Puntland. HIJRA has been working with agents across the country,  providing remote, field monitoring and evaluation capacity to achieve greater accountability and value for money for the funding received, better documentation of tangible results and subsequent information-based decision  programming decisions. HIJRA has established data management platforms and M&E system, which forms the evidence base for informed decision support analysis and strategic programming with learning and research generated and shared among relevant stakeholders.