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Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA) is an international African humanitarian and development organization that aims to positively contribute towards improving the living standards and conditions of those adversely affected by disasters and conflict in the Horn and East Africa.

The organization roots are in Somalia, where a devastating humanitarian crisis emerged after the collapse of the Somali state in 1991. This prompted a group of like minded professionals to come together to form the organization in response to the glaring humanitarian needs.

Our Work

Our Purpose

Our Vision

The end of human suffering in East and the Horn of Africa and the creation of an environment where people live in self-reliance, prosperity, and assured sustainable livelihood pursuits.

Our Mission

Rapid response to humanitarian crises through the provision of safe and clean water, the creation of healthy living conditions, earning opportunities and the bolstering of food security for the benefit of the poor and vulnerable.


In more than 20 years since HIJRA was founded, the organization has extended its reach to 3 countries, serving directly and by extension millions of people with a broad range of humanitarian and development programmes and social enterprises.

HIJRA works to empower poor people to lift themselves out of poverty and to improve their lives through health,education, agricultural extension and legal services, access to safe drinking water and sanitary latrines, livelihood training, support for safe migration and assistance during natural disasters.

As HIJRA moves to the next stage of global growth, we are working to ensure that we continue to have a strong culture driven by our values.

We are also focusing on issues critical to longer-term organizational development and sustainability, namely leadership development and succession planning, strategic HR, capacity building of midlevel managers and better internal communication.


The past few years have been years of transformational change for HIJRA which will define the future direction of our work in the East African region. While keeping the focus on our core work at the grassroots, we have taken steps towards transforming HIJRA into a Knowledge Organization by promoting a culture of learning within the organization. This in essence meant re-aligning ourselves to be more thoughtful and methodical about our work, and constantly evaluate ourselves to improve the work we are doing.

Closely linked to our ambition of becoming a Knowledge Organization is our continuous effort to improve programming capacities so that we are able to make lasting impact in the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable communities. Through the use of innovative approaches and hard work, through these efforts we have been able to reach close to half a million people across our programmes and projects in Kenya, Uganda and Somalia.

In the coming years we will work to further increase our reach and impact, and deepen our efforts in becoming an organization that builds on its successes and learns from its failures. Stronger partnerships, shall ensure we continue to move towards achieving our mission of responding rapidly to the basic needs of the most vulnerable communities in the greater Horn of Africa by implementing timely and relevant humanitarian programmes.