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HIJRA welcomes new arrivals in Juru, Nakivale settlement

New arrivals settling into their new site in Kingingi Zone

New refugee arrivals from the Democratic Republic of Congo started arriving in Juru, Nakivale settlement in early July 2023 from Kabazana Reception Center.  HIJRA was on hand to receive the new refugees and help them settle in to their new site in Kangingi Zone.

A newly arrived refugee family rest in their new tent in Kankingi C Village

With the assistance of HIJRA, the new refugees were issued core relief items including plastic sheeting, poles, kitchen kit, a mat, jerry-cans and assorted materials to help them settle in.

New arrivals queuing for water in one of the newly onstructed water points in Kankingi Zone

A mini market being formed in Kankingi D, village to cater to the new arrivals

New bricks for constructing houses for new refugee arrivals in Kankingi D, village