Women and children do get medical attention on daily bases at the HIJRA health MCH in Lafoole vicinity of Afgooye, Lower Shabelle.

It was a week ago when five year-old Amina was fighting for her life. Her mother, Hawo had to carry her to HIJRA health center in Lafoole vicinty.

HIJRA Somalia had been working Internally Displaced settlements in Mogadishu since 2011 when returnees from Afgooye corridor had started re-settling settlements established in and outskirts of the city.  The past seven years, different water and sanitation projects were implemented that provided clean potable water for fifty thousand IDPs camped in Zonna K, Hodan district of Mogadishu. Clean potable water means for the IDPs living in the makeshift settlements reduced risk of illnesses and less time away from work and school.

Hawa, 39 years old mother fled her home village near Qoryooleey district of Lower Shabelle region after the recent fighting between two warring sides in the vicinity. She hit the road with her two sons and eventually ended up at Km-13 IDP camps of Kahda district of the capital city, Mogadishu. Even in this district, Hawa did not feel safe and is concerned about where to find medical assistance for her sick children.

Although Afgooye district is ideal place for farming as it contains fertile agricultural land yet children less than five years old in Afgooye district has significant nutrition needs due to unforeseen circumstances. With support from Somali Humanitarian Fund SHF, HIJRA is providing integrated nutrition treatment and primary health care services in Baalgure village of Afgooye district, Lower Shabelle region.

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