Women and Children Get Medical Attention at the HIJRA Health Facility in Gurmad Clinic

Women and children do get medical attention on daily bases at the HIJRA health MCH in Lafoole vicinity of Afgooye, Lower Shabelle.

It was a week ago when five year-old Amina was fighting for her life. Her mother, Hawo had to carry her to HIJRA health center in Lafoole vicinty.

“I didn’t have money to buy medicines for my daughter. That is why my girl has been sick for the last two weeks,” says Hawo.

Not being able to take care for your sick child because you have no money to buy pills is a situation no mother should be in. Hawo is worried. She fears for the life of her daughter, Amina, who had been suffering from chest pain, fever, and difficulty breathing.

Amina was examined by medical staff at HIJRA Gurmad health center and given a range of vital medicines. “Thanks to HIJRA, my daughter is currently doing better and recovering. There is a big difference between the first day that I brought her here and today for a revisit” says Hawo. “I thought that I might lose my daughter, but now I am so pleased to see her in a good shape, playing and laughing once again” says Hawo. “I am happy my daughter is getting better with HIJRA’s help”

Stories like Amina’s remind us that, when help is available, live can be saved. HIJRA brings immediate relief to those who need it most, and through Primary Health care, HIJRA helps these distressed children to recover. Although not all of the health problems on the ground can be resolved overnight but with the help of donors and partners, HIJRA can make a difference in wiping away some of these life-threatening health issues from people’s lives.

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