HIJRA Makes a Difference In Afgooye, District – Lower Shabelle Region

Although Afgooye district is ideal place for farming as it contains fertile agricultural land yet children less than five years old in Afgooye district has significant nutrition needs due to unforeseen circumstances. With support from Somali Humanitarian Fund SHF, HIJRA is providing integrated nutrition treatment and primary health care services in Baalgure village of Afgooye district, Lower Shabelle region.

Hilowle Ahmed is eight months old toddler who lives with his parents in Baalguri village, Afgooye district of Lower shabelle region. “My son has been suffering from diarrhoea, but when he recovered from this ailment he became very thin and unable to attend breast milk. I had to seek health care in hospitals nearby, fortunately I came to HIJRA health center in my own village” Zahra said.

Zahra’s son was so lucky. When health workers screened him, they told his mom that Hilowle was suffering malnutrition, and his condition is treatable. They admitted to the clinic and administered him ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), which gives malnourished children the vital nutrients they need to recover.

“I am so grateful to the clinic in my village and also to HIJRA organization for their efforts in supporting this center to be in a good working condition for the children suffering from malnutrition and other ailments” says Zahra.

Success stories like this are just a drop in ocean compared to the magnitude of needs in the region. There are still many children like Hilowle who are in dire need of dedicated nutritional support and basic health care.

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