HIJRA Mobile Clinic Serves Idps at Kahda District with Primary Health Care

Hawa, 39 years old mother fled her home village near Qoryooleey district of Lower Shabelle region after the recent fighting between two warring sides in the vicinity. She hit the road with her two sons and eventually ended up at Km-13 IDP camps of Kahda district of the capital city, Mogadishu. Even in this district, Hawa did not feel safe and is concerned about where to find medical assistance for her sick children.

Mohamed, Hawa’s four year-old son has been suffering from intestinal parasites since their arrival in the IDP camp, Hawa has then learned from the neighbors that HIJRA has established a mobile clinic in the vicinity. Mohamed was brought to the clinic the very next day and was immediately given drugs to de-warm him and also vitamin supplements by HIJRA medical staff and Mohamed is no longer suffering from intestinal parasites and had a speedy recovery.

“He was very thin and had a big tummy” Says Hawa “Now he is gaining weight and the big abdomen has already gone, the drugs from HIJRA mobile clinic were very effective and quickly de-warmed my son” adds Hawa.

In order to improve the health status of internally displaced persons in Kahda district, HIJRA health staff work eagerly and effectively in delivering primary health care services to the hundreds of IDPs and host community in vicinity. HIJRA is also working to reduce morbidity and mortality by increasing access to primary health care (PHC) services, including hygiene promotion and community health education.

HIJRA medical staff working with the mobile clinics reported a sharp increase in patients seeking medical assistance to HIJRA mobile clinics in the area since new influx from the Lower Shabelle region started settling at IDP camps in Kahda district. The majority are children who suffering from pneumonia and intestinal parasites.

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