Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

Gender-based violence is an integral part of every society in every part of the world. There is no one group, no matter their culture, class, religion or geographical location that is immune to the devastation of this violence. Gender-based violence is an attack on the fundamental human rights of adults and children alike. It is recognized as a major contributor to global poverty, an accelerator of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and an impediment to the achievement of peace, freedom, and prosperity

HIJRAs SGBV programming targeting refugees in Uganda is focused more on the prevention of SGBV cases and the overall objective has been the reduction in the risks of GBV, strengthening of community structures and GBV committees at the village levels, improving community sensitization and strengthening outreach programmes, Improving the quality of services available to survivors and extending counselling services to perpetrators as well as streamlining the referral mechanisms in place. The intended impact will be to have fewer cases committed in the settlement and provide timely response to GBV survivors.