HIJRA’s protection programming amongst refugees in western Uganda, envisages a community that is able to be self-reliant in the provision of protection for the vulnerable including unaccompanied, separated children and those at risk of abuse, exploitation and neglect as well as a continued reduction of the SGBV incidences.

Community structures are engaged in the provision of community based protection including child protection committees at village level, SGBV prevention and response committees and the Refugee Welfare Committees.

HIJRAs has been able  to improve the access of the Persons-of-Concern to legal assistance through provision of pro-bono legal services for access to legal representation, facilitating of witnesses and interpreters to court in addition to other legal services. The programme also played role in reducing  crime by conducting community policing sessions within and around the Settlement and sensitizing the communities on the laws of Uganda.

Facilitating establishment of well-organized community with security structures that are able to prevent, detect and report crime to relevant authorities. This was achieved through strengthening of community based structures along with capacity building of the several authorities such as police and the Refugee Welfare Committee members in charge of defense. Dialogue meetings and community policing were emphasized to ensure peaceful coexistence between host community and refugees.