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Innovation in Waste Management

In response to the 2011 Famine and resulting pressure placed on Public Health Capacities inside Somalia’s overcrowded IDP settlements, HIJRA and partner OXFAM worked to design and implement innovative Waste Management Disposal Systems in 2 of the largest IDP camps in Mogadishu; Badbaado and Silliga.

The Waste Management System, a unique design of elevation and rotation, made-up of multiple platforms containing raised, rotating receptacles works to remove waste in an appropriate and timely manner addressing the issues faced by the camps current methods of waste management, an individual practice of digging, dumping and burying.


The Platforms; 2 elevated waste receptacles designed to pivot 180 degrees, allows for easy waste delivery into designated donkey carts responsible for transportation to Large Municipal Dumpsters located at the camps outskirts.

The Waste Disposal Platforms constructed in WASH program areas, are run by WES committee members and overseen by HIJRA public health field promoters. The initiative was launched in early November and currently serves a population of over 45,000.

The initiative further works to ensure its programs success and longevity through the development of capacity building and community trainings creating empowerment and securing community ownership.

Program Activities Include:

  • The instillation and construction of Elevated Waste Platforms
  • The creation and distribution of Donkey Carts
  • The distribution of sanitation tools (wheel-barrels, rakes, shovels) for camp cleaning campaigns
  • Community sensitization and capacity building 

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