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The Afgooye Corridor

The Afgooye Corridor is located in Lower Shebelle, on the western boundary of Mogadishu.

The district came to the limelight in 2007, when intensified fighting between Ethiopian/Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces, AMISOM and anti-government organizations triggered the displacement of an estimated  800,000  Somalis from Mogadishu; an estimated 200,000 of which are now settled along the 15-kilometer stretch of road in one of the 100s of IDP camps.

Afgooye is an area known to be of considerably less conflict then that of its counterpart in Banadir. However the massive influx of growth from the displaced has led to an estimated 80% of arrivals with little or no access to clean water, food, adequate hygiene facilities and basic supplies.
Essentially, the majority of the IDPs from Mogadishu have fled from a war zone to a hunger zone. In order to address the current needs brought about by the continuous influx; response and an up-scaling of emergency activities is ongoing.


Afgooye Corridor

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