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Badbaado; A New home for Famine Victims

Badbadoo Camp

Somalia’s famine constructed Badbaado IDP camp located in the Dharkeenleey district of Mogadishu is currently host to over  25,000 of the most vulnerable IDPs in the world today.
Just 104 days after its construction the camp is already feeling the strain of the continuous influx of IDPs. Its feeding kitchens which provide the IDPs with rice/and or Sor, Somali Ugali, and soup are current unable to meet the demands placed on them, seeing camp tensions rise and the need for the instillation of armed guards to maintain order when provision run dry.  Further complications and sensitive’s arising from the holy month of Ramadan have seen IDPs calling for the additional distribution of dry food which would allow for storage and trading thereby elimination many of the ailments being seen from the foods improper storage.  
One IDP, Oorey, an aged woman of 70, living in a humble makeshift shelter with her orphaned grandchildren and ailing son, speaks to us of the hardships facing them today in the camp.
"We are very cold in the night, nothing is clean and our food is dirty when we break the fast as dust and rains cant be kept out. If we had dry food it helps us in many ways. We can exchange for some other items and not worry that the food will be bad by Iftar".
To meet the needs of the most vulnerable in the camp HIJRA has established 1 Mother and Child Health Clinic, Oral Rehydration Treatment (ORT) corners and cash relief distribution points.

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