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Donate to Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid, HIJRA and support our work to improve living standards and conditions of those adversely affected by disasters and conflict in the Horn of Africa.

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+254 20 374 9280

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Regular Donation

Regular donations are the most cost effective way to fund our work. Having a steady and reliable income is essential for rapid response, and means we can reach people with vital aid when they need it most. Even if you can only afford a few dollars a month, we would strongly encourage you to donate this way; it is the most efficient way to give.

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One off Donation

Your donation can make a real difference.

  • $20 could provide meals for several children who are starving in Somalia
  • $100 could help us provide medical care for an expectant mother in a refugee camp
  • $500 will help pay for several workers to build a water tank in Somalia

Donate Online


Leave a gift in your will

Remembering HIJRA in your Will is a very good way to help people of the Horn of Africa who are suffering. It's about giving help to ordinary people caught up in disasters and tragedies, passing on hope for the future or even saving their lives. By remembering HIJRA in your Will you are helping us to continue our work, and investing in hope for future generations.

You can remember HIJRA in your Will in different ways:

  • by giving a share of your estate
  • by giving a specific sum of money
  • by giving a specific item

It can be helpful to talk to a solicitor about your Will. They can give you advice and make sure your Will covers all your wishes. If you have any further enquiries please contact us. And remember - your gift could make all the difference to someone who is in need.


You may also send a cheques that are payable to:

Humanitarian Initiative Just Relieft Aid

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