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Mogadishu, Banadir

Since the imperative for unimpeded humanitarian access collided with the interests and agendas of local political actors in early 2007, Somalia’s capital Mogadishu has earned itself the reputation as the most volatile area in the entire region and further been deemed the the most dangerous place in the world for relief personnel.

The constant conflict created by territory disputes, shifts in power and political control have netted Somalia the status as the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet leaving actors in Banadir with limited access and limited capacities to provide care for the most vulnerable.
The prevailing situation has left more than 75% of Mogadishu deserted and with little economic activity leaving less than 30% of the its population with enough to eat and 70% of the rest to survive on less than one meal a day, an attributable factor for severe malnutrition in the region.

90% of IDPs in the Afgooya Corridor currently steam from roots in Banadir.

Hijra has worked to address emergency livelihoods and health needs in Mogadishu since 1992.

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