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HIJRA is tackling malnutrition in all its forms in Afgooye, Lower Shabelle region

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Maryama Mohamed lives with her family of eight in Mareereey village. Mareereey is a small farming village four Km south of Afgooye district. The family is so poor have only a tiny plot of land in which they cultivate in order to make ends meet.

One of Maryama’s twin children fell sick and as time went by his condition continued to deteriorate day after day in front of her eyes and she could not do anything for him. One day she decided to take her ailing son to Afgooye district and seek medical assistance, unfortunately all roads to Afgooye were cut off due to the recent downpours in the vicinity so she was forced to put her son on her back and walk barefooted on the muddy and potholed road to Afgooye.

Yaasir Nune, Maryama’s son who was very weak, easily irritating and severely malnourished when his mom brought him into the HIJRA/SHF supported clinic at the heart of Baalgure village of Afgooye district. He was immediately screened by HIJRA medical staff on the ground and Maryama was very happy that she got someone who immediately assisted her son.

During his stay in the clinic, Yaasir was administered to receive ready-to-use therapeutic foods. RUTF are energy-dense, micronutrient-enriched pastes that have a nutritional profile similar to the traditional F-100 milk-based diet used in inpatient therapeutic feeding and are often made of peanuts, oil, sugar and milk powder. Yaasir was also given other medication like amoxicillin syrup for upper/lower respiratory infections which quickened his recovery. HIJRA medical staff also educated the mother on the importance of RUTF and also to encourage her on proper care practices.

Story compiled and written by:
Dr. Maslah Mohamed of HIJRA

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