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Livelihoods and Food security in Somalia

The last 2 decades have turned South Central Somalia into a volatile conflict ground; prone to disease, famine and desertification presently finding the otherwise fertile riverine lands in the midst of one of the world’s most devastating food security crisis.

The current destitution and displacement have further worked to created major shifts in livelihood intervention.  Implementation is beset by issues of access, safety and security severely limiting the reach of aid; resulting in 36 percent of the population left in crisis.

HIJRA has worked to maximize the impact of our activities through the use of community based mechanisms to select beneficiaries for participation in WASH provided Cash for Work activities, Monthly Cash Relief and Non-Labor Intensive Community Work (including mobilization for health promotion).

In recognition of the most vulnerable; women, children, elderly and the physically impaired our programs selection criteria is based on a cultural context developed and applied by community representatives.

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