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Water and Sanitation in Somalia

In response to the collapse of the Somali state, the ongoing humanitarian crisis and the continuous conflict HIJRA with partner OXFAM GB initiated an emergency Water, Environment & Sanitation program targeting camps in Lower Shabelle; The Afgooya Corridor and Ceelasha.
The initial components of the project were designed to facilitate the provision of safe water and sanitation facilities, the promotion of proper hygiene practice, and the provision of livelihood support. The programs implementation was consider and mandated with specific objectives to address the current problems faced by the water trucking system of supply.  The initiative was therefore designed to provide efficient water distribution through the creation of large platform storage facilities constructed to hold 660,000 liters of Borehole water that would then be channeled to the recipient camp by means of gravity via a 10.5 Km network of piping.
The partnership further worked to address the sanitation issues faced inside of the makeshift camps by providing means for the construction of over 4,000 emergency pit latrines and the materials necessary to ensure the distribution of numerous sanitation and survival kits to 1,500 of the most vulnerable families.

Today Approximately 280,000 people benefit from the programs water, sanitation and public health components.
The HIJRA Oxfam partnership has been ongoing since 2007.

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