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Coordination Partners

To ensure the implementation and coordination of humanitarian activities in the Region HIJRA activity participates in and coordinates with UN Clusters, Consortiums and relevant working groups. In 2012, HIJRA was elected one of the 6 NGO representatives on the Somalia Humanitarian Country Team (HCT)


UN OCHA Somalia WASH Cluster

HIJRA has been a member of the WASH Cluster since 2007. HIJRA's current role in the Cluster is served on the Technical Cluster Review Committee (CRC); an elected position to review, revise and feedback on the Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) Project Sheets submitted from organization within. In 2011, HIJRA was further elected to sit as a Strategic Advisor for WASH activities in Somalia/Somaliland.

For more information on the WASH Cluster please visit

UN OCHA Somalia Health Cluster

HIJRA has been a member of the Health Cluster since 2010. 

UN OCHA Somalia Agricultural and Livelihoods Cluster

HIJRA has been a contributing member of the Livelihoods Cluster since 2007.

For more information on the Livelihoods Cluster please visit

Somali NGO Consortium

HIJRA has been a coordinating member of the Somali NGO Consortium since 2009.

For more information in the NGO Consortium please visit


UNHCR and Urban Refugee Protection Network ( URPN)

HIJRA has been a member of the UNHCR Urban Refugee Protection Network since 2010.The vetted member position provides a forum for exchange coordination and design of urban programs in Nairobi and its environs.

HIJRA is also a contributing member of both the UNHCR Livelihoods and Educations Working Groups.

For more information on the URPN, UNHCR and HIJRAs involvement please visit

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