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WES Committees

In its efforts to enhance environmental sanitation projects and community independence HIJRA with partner OXFAM have worked to create volunteer Water, Environmental and Sanitation (WES) committees.

The Committees have been designed to ensure the communities proficiency in proper water management, environmental sanitation and hygiene promotion to ensure self-sufficiency and sustainability upon our exit.

The initiative works to empower the community through trainings on the 5 domains of hygiene promotion, latrine rehabilitation, water spout renovation and camp cleaning, jointly working to train local water attendants on issues of monitoring and water storage cleanliness.

Today over 100 WES committees formed of 9 community volunteers work to provide support to over 150 IDP camps in South Central Somalia.

“Our Committees have worked tirelessly to develop self-sustaining programs of intervention to address the transitory and ever changing needs of the environment. Alongside the thousands of gallons of safe water pumped along the corridor each day, teams work to identify places to build latrnies, hand washing points and disseminate hygiene information. Through our teams we ensured public health and purity standards are met in Ceelasha and Xawa Abdi.” - Ahmed Ibrahim, OXFAM

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