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HIJRA's commitment to Water Purity; The Aqua Test

IMG 1812HIJRA is committed to supplying high quality water in emergencies to reduce its beneficiaries exposure to public health risks.

“Lack of clean water kills thousands ever year! Most of those effected are under the age of five. - Mr Ahmed Farah, HIJRA Public health officer

To ensure its beneficiaries risk of exposure is reduced, HIJRA preforms bacteriological testing with the Aqua test to determine water quality throughout its WASH interventions.

It is an all-in-one single-use device for testing microbial water quality.”

IMG 1798

“The Aqua test ensures a 100 ml water sample reaches an incubation temperature of 37ºC.  The unit is self-contained, featuring waterproof sealing and a one-turn lock mechanism.”

“After 24 hours of incubation, the chambers are checked under a handheld UV lamp.  The number of chambers fluorescing indicates the level of E. coli and other contaminates. The more chambers that fluoresce, the greater the contamination. Once testing is complete, an on-board disinfectant is released to ensure safe disposal.”

This devise protects our communities.  Clean drinking water is imperative to saving lives.” - Mr Ahmed Farah , HIJRA Public health officer

HIJRA has been preforming the Aqua Test in programming since 2008.

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