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Lower Shabelle in a Day; My visit to Balbaleey

DSC04837My journey from the capital to Balbaleey, a small village situated 4 km north of the Afgooye district, starts early. It is a long ride to the village, covering many dusty roads packed with donkey carts carrying their loads to market.

Before we know it, it is already afternoon and we have reached our destination. It is then the roads begin to change and we find some relief in our drive.  The roads are now shadowed by oak trees and lined with irrigation ditches where youth from the nearby villages play.  As we pass, they see our vehicle and chant our names, running home to tell their families HIJRA has returned.

On reaching the village, we see men in tattered clothing at work on the farms, children playing and women preparing for the evening meal.

One resident Ismail Isac tells us “My child has come to get me from the field to greet you. We are too grateful to HIJRA. This is the first help we have received in the village! Many had lost hope that things would ever return to as they were before the rains stopped. Now we have toilets and I think we will be better than before!

Written by Mohamed Ali Omar

To ensure continued support to the village, HIJRA with partner OXFAM, have set in place an aggressive resilience program to restore community livelihoods.  The program, started in late 2012 will run through 2013, providing seed, cash and hygiene materials.

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