Making a Difference in Afgooye

Children on the River bank - Mohamed (in Red Tshirt is so happy for the new latrine his family gets)Sabiid Hamlet, is one of the small riverine villages West of Afgooye. In the village, there is one shallow well and a few of the traditional stick huts the locals use for dwellings.  The small town remains deserted in the day as villagers are busy on the farms coming back to take a lunch of bread or porridge at the local cafeteria.

Prior to the HIJRA intervention, the tiny village households remained without access to basic sanitation facilities; forcing open defecation and seeing the spreading of disease.

Omar Mudey - Latrine constructor

"Before we were always sick, sharing illness at our cafateria, homes and in farm labors.  Before HIJRA came and gave us latrines and trainings on health, its seemed someone you knew would always be sick! These trainings have been a great addition to the communities here.  There is no diginity in openly defecating; many have stopped and now apply WASH activities for clean living." - MayowYarow, village leader

“Sabiid village has become significantly empowered thanks to the sanitation and cash for work programs. We learn lessons from other districts and look to keep our village clean.” - Mayow Yarow

Mayow advises his community to leave the newly installed latrines a little cleaner than when they came in. Mayow’s vision shows, communities in the region are eager to change their knowledge and practices but that doesn’t change the fact that their options are limited. 

Humanitarian relief organizations have a vital role to play in ensuring that these Riverine communities have access to livelihoods, water and sanitation projects. These communities in Riverine villages of Lower Shabelle region need opportunities to provide for their needs. They deserve the chance to make better lives!

-Mohamed Ali Omar, HIJRA Communications