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Uganda WASH Programming Success; Now I have Time to Play with my Siblings

resizeIn response to the 2012 increase of Congolese refugees within Uganda's borders, HIJRA worked to set up and establish emergency WASH programs in the newly formed Matanda refugee transit center.

The center, a transit area for individuals fleeing the conflict in Eastern DRC, was opened in late September 2012 and currently hosts over 3,700 refugees.

On the ground we are seeing many of the arriving refugees are unaccompanied minors or "parent" children.  These children face many difficulties in the center, daily having to carry cans of water equal to their own body weight the long distance from the camp to the local stream and back.”  Abel Asiimwe, HIJRA Programme Officer

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“I miss to be at home and play with my friends and family. Now I do not know where my mother is and my brother takes care of me, he is 12. We use to carry heavy cans of water up steep hills several times a day to have enough to drink and wash. We had no time then for play. It was not until HIJRA came and brought us the water that we were able to have time again for footballs. I am so happy, it feels like we are home again!” Mumbere Patrick-Refugee, 8 years.

HIJRA has been working in the Matanda Center since October 2012.

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