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HIJRA Joins in for Global Hand Washing Day

5October 15 – In support of Global Hand Washing (GHW) day, HIJRA conducted hand washing campaigns throughout the Badbaado IDP settlement in the Dharkeenleey district of Mogadishu.

“More than one thousand IDP’s were involved; they were drilled in front of cheering crowds to always wash their hands before handling food and after using the toilet” Dr. Shombe, HIJRA PHC officer

“I did not know that washing my hands could help me to avoid contact with diseases until HIJRA showed us.  I used to handle the food before washing my hands. Now we have been shown how to wet our hands with enough water, lather for a minute and rinse with running water.” - Amina Warsame, 11 year old HIJRA Handwashing Day Beneficiary

"This is a small but essential practice. You have helped to protect huge numbers of IDPs from diarrhea and other illness just by helping us to understand the proper way of hand washing." - Ali, Local Koranic School Teacher.

HIJRA is a regular supporter of GHW day, working through its WASH field officers to distribute soaps, hand washing kits and T-shirts with hygiene messaging to IDP’s of all ages.

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