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Resize of DSC01747Amina Ali is a 45 years-old resident of the newly established IDP setttlement inside of Mogadishuís Dayniile district. She is 5 times displaced most recently fleeing the conflict in The Afgooye Corridor. 

Today she tells us, she waited till only after the town was taken and the violence continued to flee her home once again.

ďI left Mogadishu 4 years ago because of the violence. Then we didnít have enough moneys to pay for the transport so we traveled to Ceelasha on foot to settle in the Aw Gedi IDP camp. Now we are back to Mogadishu and we donít know where to start. 

There is no work in the camp, so to earn monies my son goes every day to the Bakara Market. It makes me worry too much! I am glad he is so lucky to find jobs there but every day we hear of more and more people hurt in the market.

I donít know what will happen for us, things are very hard, all I hopes for is my families safety and our return to Afgooye.Ē - Amina Ali

Since May 2012, clashes in The Afgooye Corridor have resulted in the displacement of thousands of vulnerable IDPís forcing many into the newly formed frontline IDP settlements of the capital city.



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