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Treatment in Badbaado; Salma Mohamed

17Salma Mohamed is a patient of the HIJRA Badbaado Mother and Child healthcare clinic in Mogadishu. At 6, she is one of HIJRA’s youngest patients. Her father, Isac tells us for weeks she has not been eating or attending school due a lower respiratory and stomach infection. He shares with us their story.

Before the famine, my family and I lived in the Bay region. 15 months ago, we were forced to travel to the capital after losing everything. It was a very hard journey, along the way we lost Salma’s mother and Salma herself became very ill. It is in the past month she stopped eating and our neighbors recommended we try the HIJRA clinic where they give free medicines and treatment."

"This is now our third visit to the clinic and I am too grateful to them for helping my daughter! When we came they treated Salma very kindly and gave us medicines to take home. Now she is eating and attending school again.” – Isac Mohamed

“Respiratory infections are common in children and their recurrence constitutes a demanding challenge for the clinic. Most of these children live with their families in the different settlements around Badbaado, coming on foot or on cart from as far as Dayniile or Zona K to seek assistance.” - Ayaan Sheik Ali - HIJRA qualified nurse, Badbaado Clinic

To support those in need, HIJRA opened the Badbaado Mother and Child Healthcare clinic in late July 2011, launching outreach activities in early 2012.

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