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Major changes for IDPs in Mogadishu; Reconstruction and Evictions

IMG 3602In an effort to rebuild Somalia’s capital, the Major of Mogadishu, recently announced plans to evict all IDP’s from within Mogadishu’s over 240 IDP settlements and numerous abandoned government buildings. 

The decision, rationalized by the countries stabilization strategy; a long term rehabilitation approach, ultimately benefiting thousands through the countries reconstruction of schools, hospitals and ministries, argues the temporary disruptions to individual livelihoods necessary to ensuring the capitals restoration.

The plan, set to begin immediately, comes at a precarious time for the country’s vulnerable residents, promising negative impacts if handled incorrectly; seeing many on the ground resist calls to vacate having nowhere else to go.

“We have hope and struggles. For the first time in 20 years the government is reconstructing our country and this makes us very proud. We are very happy to see our country growing again but what will happen to us now?”- Anonymous, Mogadishu Resident



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