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A Fearful Return to the Capital City; A Mothers Courage

Resize of DSC00677May 29, 2012- Hawo Mohamed is a new resident of the Badbaado IDP camp in the Dharkenley district of Mogadishu. Days ago, she like many others fled the military insurgency in Lower Shabelle to reach protection and aid in the capital and its surrounding areas.

This is the first time Hawo, a Mogadishu native, has returned to the capital since fleeing as a young child. She tells us, how to save the lives of her young children she was finally able to find the courage to return to a city which still haunts her.

“When I lost my husband and we could no longer work the fields I knew that we had to leave our home or starve to death. Mogadishu made me an orphan and I feared too much to return there and see the same happen to my children.  This is why we came to Ceelasha. I knew in coming life would not be easy, but I did not think it could be worse." 

When we arrived, many NGO’s had already left and it was too hard to find helps. Then we heard the fighting was starting again and we must run. I did not think we would need to leave again so quickly, I knew then we had no choice but to return to a city that haunts me.

I am very afraid to be back somewhere so much has happened but for now my boys are happy. We found little shelters and help but we hear the government will come to make us leave soon. I pray one day to have a home again and that my boys will know peace. I dream this too much for them.”

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