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HIJRA Advocates for Safe Motherhood Services inside IDP camps

Neonate in Badbaado Clinic

May 18, 2012 - For Somalia’s displaced child birth can be a matter of life and death. Today, despite sensitization campaigns and 24 hour Mother and Child healthcare services, HIJRA sees only 7-10 of the estimated 30 births per-week in the Badbaado IDP camp of Mogadishu.

Every day we witness the loss of life due to the complications of home birthing’s. We are working hard to provide safe motherhood services however many in the community still prefer the traditional style of home birthing risking their lives and the lives of their babies” Dr Mohamed Hersi, HIJRA Badbaado MCH

“A year ago I lost my child in delivery. The labor was hard and we had no medicines for the midwife to use. They tell me I am lucky to live but it is too hard to loss a baby. At first I did not like to deliver in a clinic but now I am too proud of my little boy. I will tell all my neighbors of the HIJRA midwives.” Hawo Osman, a Badbaado resident and HIJRA health program beneficiary

The HIJRA Mother and Child Healthcare Clinic inside the Badbaado IDP camp of Mogadishu, works to serve a population of 30,000, offering 24 hour services in primary healthcare, treatment of communicable disease, immunization, delivery of safe motherhood, EmONC (Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care), ANC (antenatal), delivery, PNC (postnatal) and gynecological care.

The Badbaado maternity ward currently provides safe motherhood services, consultations and free drugs to an average of 80-90 IDPs daily.



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