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Safe from Famine; Thousands are Displaced as Conflict Continues

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February 19, 2012- Just days after AU forces took up positions near IDP settlements along the Afgooye corridor teams on the ground have begun to witness thousands of displaced streaming back towards the capital city, emptying the once overflowing IDP camps.

"We never witnessed so many on the move at once. Daily we hear reports of deaths and damage to property as a result of the clashes and endless shelling. People tell us they cannot live like this any longer." HIJRA Staff

“It is now around 2:30 am and I can still hear the heavy barrage of artillery fire. It seems to me that some of the salvoes are hitting so hard. Darkness has fallen across the land as electric generators here are switched off for security, so we can all see the flashes of the heavy explosions. I pray for those close to the conflict.

I sometimes close my eyes and ask myself “why us?” “Why are we going through this? What if… What if…what if???

Now the shelling has gradually subsided and I know tomorrow the radio will speak of casualties and then tomorrow will come and I shall be telling you the same story of agony and atrocity! Is this really living?" -Anonyms 

To address the developing emergency HIJRA is working to scale-up its Health and WASH interventions in Badbaado, Jaamacadda and Hodan.

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