improved resilience and increased adaptive capacities

A real commitment to strengthening the food and livelihoods security and resilience.

HIJRA's livelihood programming in Somalia and Uganda largely aims to contribute to improved resilience and increased adaptive capacities of communities and households to protect their livelihoods over continuing shocks.

Programme Outcomes:

 - Improved access to productive livelihood for enhanced food access;
 - Protection of livelihood assets through the establishment of social safety nets;
 - Improved capacities of communities to respond to and cope with recurrent shocks stressors.

Programme Activities:

 - Conducting participatory, in-depth,vulnerability assessments and systems analysis at community level;
 - Promote sustainable production and diversification of income through beneficiary training and enhancing household community assets;

facts and figures: 2018

villages in which community rural appraisal conducted
communities supported to develop their own risk reduction processes and implement them.
communities supported to develop their own contingency resources tied to early warning indicators.
households trained in post harvest handling.
households provided with organic manure to boost soil fertility.
households trained in business skills, entrepreneurship development and market assessment analysis.
households trained in climate smart agronomic practices.

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