The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has granted HIJRA a pre-qualification for procurement (PQP) status.

This was confirmed by the Head of procurement UNHCR   in August 2016.

The PQP status is the UNHCR’s policy is to limit purchasing by Implementing Partners (IPs) to only those occasions when the IP has a clear proven advantage, such as awareness of local conditions or specific technical expertise.

According to HIJRA head of Finance and Logistics Mr. Eric Jalango, with this status, HIJRA procurement processes will be speeded up thus providing necessary support to refugees and other persons of concern with the required quality and quantity of goods and services at the time and place that they are needed in a most cost-effective and efficient manner.


UNHCR applauded the cooperation HIJRA always provides during evaluations, and also appreciated the effort HIJRA makes to remain compliant with the UNHCR Partners Procurement Guidelines.