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In any organization, employees need to be trained on the behaviors, skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to meet the strategic and operational objectives of their organization.

All employees need to receive compliance training on organizational policies and procedures, and their legislative obligations.  Such trainings mitigate risk by ensuring organizations are less likely to be found vicariously liable (or legally responsible) for an employee’s behavior in the workplace. More importantly, the consequences of not providing compliance training in critical areas, like workplace health and safety, can literally be a matter of life and death.

In October this year, HIJRA Uganda staff undertook training on the HIJRA Procurement processes and procedures.

“The last time such training was conducted in HIJRA was in 2013 in Nairobi”, said Erick Jalango, the HIJRA head of finance and logistics as well as the instructor/organizer of the training.  The two day training each for all the three HIJRA areas of operation in Uganda, first held in Oruchinga then Kisoro and finally Kampala was very interactive and fun making the whole learning process easy.

According to Erick, the objective of the training was to enlighten HIJRA staff on the HIJRA procurement   policies and procedures thus improving on compliances with the policies as clearly outlined in the organization manual.

Eric further added that such trainings will be carried out annually, not only for the logistics department but also for HR and as well as other departments in HIJRA in all countries of operation.

The turn up for the training was amazing for all the locations and majority of staff seem to have not only enjoyed Eric’s interactive presentation but also learnt a lot as per the HIJRA procurement processes and procedures.

Peter Mugisha, HIJRA camp manager Kisoro expressed his appreciation to Erick on behalf of the Nyakabande team for the great work done as stated.

On behalf of Nyakabande team, we wish to thank you for the effort dedicated to this training. This sets a very good pace for HIJRA as a whole and we are optimistic that even more trainings in other sectors are to follow. Thank you

Furthermore, among other staff, Teddy Nakubulwa (M&E volunteer) applauded the job well done.

“I would like to commend you for the great work and for your efforts putting all this together for the growth of us all and the entire HIJRA Uganda, am convinced that we shall all reflect these processes and procedures in our daily duties for the good of the organization but more so for the welfare of the communities we serve. Thank you.”


We look forward to more of these trainings.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has granted HIJRA a pre-qualification for procurement (PQP) status.

This was confirmed by the Head of procurement UNHCR   in August 2016.

The PQP status is the UNHCR’s policy is to limit purchasing by Implementing Partners (IPs) to only those occasions when the IP has a clear proven advantage, such as awareness of local conditions or specific technical expertise.

According to HIJRA head of Finance and Logistics Mr. Eric Jalango, with this status, HIJRA procurement processes will be speeded up thus providing necessary support to refugees and other persons of concern with the required quality and quantity of goods and services at the time and place that they are needed in a most cost-effective and efficient manner.


UNHCR applauded the cooperation HIJRA always provides during evaluations, and also appreciated the effort HIJRA makes to remain compliant with the UNHCR Partners Procurement Guidelines.

ORUCHINGA, Isingiro, April 18 (HIJRA)- On a dirt field, two teams are battling. It is the final minutes of a friendly match between Oruchinga FC and Nakivaale FC. The crowd is anxious and intently watching the young passionate players attacking each other's goals.

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