Community Services

HIJRAs community services programming targeting refugees in western Uganda, generally aim to provide for the welfare of the whole refugee group and to ensure that the most vulnerable refugees have equal access to basic goods and services. We also seek to assist the re-establishment and development of refugee community structures which can be used in the management of the assistance programme and which can also minimize longer-term problems of dependency. Ultimately we want to provide assistance that is appropriate for the communities we serve.

We typically respond to refugee needs by first promoting Refugee community participation (including both men and women) in all sectors, by building on the community’s own resources as much as possible and encouraging individual, family and group self-reliance.

HIJRA’s community services programming is developed in co-ordination with and in support of the priority life support sectors and are an essential component of the overall assistance operation.

The bulk of our work involves:

  • Assessing community problems, needs and resources.
  • Helping refugees to identify and establish the services which will meet their needs in all sectors;
  • Ensuring prompt identification of and support to the most vulnerable;
  • Developing appropriate community management structures including mechanisms to ensure.
  • Identify and provide care for all isolated vulnerable individuals, especially unaccompanied minors.
  • Establish communication links with the refugees to ensure good two-way communication between the refugees and those assisting them;